DevouCycle Lets You Ride Electric Bikes (Among Many Others) Wherever You Want

RedBike does a great job making sure the two styles of bike they offer (big basket and little basket) are both plentiful in number and evenly distributed around the city. Purchasing the yearly pass for unlimited rides is the easiest decision you'll ever make when you consider how convenient they are. Not even those fun little Bird electric scooters hold a candle to RedBike's value.

So when I say DevouCycle is the best rental service since RedBike launched, I mean it.

DevouCycle, a new bike rental service offered out of the Devou Golf and Event Center, differs from RedBike in that it doesn't have docks and isn't designed for quick A-to-B trips. It's more recreational by providing a huge variety of rentable bikes for reasonable rates. In fact, DevouCycle features 20 different bikes and attachments for adults, children, and even those with special needs.

When it comes to variety, if RedBike is your trusty box cutter then DevouCycle is your bona fide Swiss Army knife. And to top it off, you can go anywhere on DevouCycle, not just the park. That means being able to take them into Cincinnati or across other parts of Northern Kentucky without limits. Some people have even loaded their rented bike into the back of a pickup truck to take them somewhere else entirely. That's the freedom of DevouCycle.

Here's what's offered:


  • Standard road bike
  • Classic Dutch bike
  • Full suspension mountain bike (three sizes)
  • Front suspension mountain bike
  • Pedal-assist electric bike
  • Front-to-back tandem bike
  • Side-by-side tandem bike


  • 16" kids bike
  • 20" kids bike
  • 24" kid front suspension mountain bike
  • Pedal-less balance bike


  • Recumbent bike
  • Hand-powered cycle
  • Cargo bike
  • Trike

Attachments, such as child trailers and child bike seats, can be added to many of the rentals for an additional price. And as far as pricing goes, the rate for each bike differs. Pricing is based on one hour, three hour, and all day increments.

For example, if you want to rent a standard road bike, it'll cost you $16 for an hour, $20 for three hours, or $40 for the entire day. If you're not into exercising, that pedal-assisted electric bike (which is super fun to ride, by the way) will run you $20 for an hour, $35 for three hours, or $50 for the entire day. And if you're a Covington resident, you can knock 50% off that price tag; DevouCycle loves you the most.

The service is worth checking out even if you just want to take one of the weirder bikes out on the road. Might I suggest the side-by-side tandem? You'll see it in the photo gallery above. It's not every day that you get to ride one of those bad boys with a friend through one of the regions prettiest parks.

Article by Cincinnati Refined:

Matt Butler